Bioactive dental materials

Bioactive dental materials

Dental restorative material and returned in part replace the function of the affected tissue, however traditional materials generally do not have bioactive properties. The research group studies the use of bioactive glass nanoparticles to impart properties remineralization of resin restoration, dentin substitutes and other dental materials and the preparation of bifunctional materials remineralizantes and antimicrobial properties using hybrid ceramic nanoparticles doped metal. In other areas nanomaterials are used in combination with chemical principles such as Oral dental solubility equilibria, reaction of fluoride ion chemical plaque control and for the study of solutions in the treatment of caries lesions, dental erosion and sensitivity.

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El Laboratorio de Nanobiomateriales es un laboratorio de investigación perteneciente a la Facultad de Odontología de la Universidad de Chile.

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