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Microscopy SEM/EDX

The Scanning Electron Microscopy Laboratory at the Faculty of Dentistry has a JEOL microscope model JSM-IT300LV acquired through the FONDEQUIP EQM130076 project, as well as a critical point coating and dryer for the preparation of samples.

Scanning Electron Microscope with EDX analysis.

Some special features of the microscope:

• Low Vacuum extended and variable up to 650 Pa, which implies the possibility of observation of a wide variety of samples without coating (non-destructive analysis).

• Depending on the type of specimen, resolution possibilities from 3.0nm to 30kV, 8.0nm to 3kV and 15nm to 1kV. Wide chamber and 5-axis mechanically eucentric plate (X = 125mm, Y = 100mm, T = -10 ° to + 90 °, R = 360 °, Z = 5-80mm) with full sample coverage up to 178 Mm, accommodating samples up to 300 mm and weights of 2 kg. Navigation on the stage using software with digital camera.

• Reduced scanning times due to automated operation parameters such as changes in platinum, beam, focus; Without the need for re-alignment.

• Retro-scattered detector (BSE) for image collection in modes: Compositional (elemental contrast), Topographic (surface topography) or Shadow (mixed of the two modes).

• STEM mode for sample observation in transmission mode.

For compositional analysis the microscope has an EDX detector AZTec Oxford:

• Software for punctual, linear elemental analysis or zonal mapping.

• Distribution and quantification of elements.

• Ability to remove interferents or unwanted elements

The laboratory offers sample preparation services for inorganic, organic or biological specimens using gold or carbon metallization and a critical point dryer.

Gold or Carbon Coating Denton Desk V Critical Point Dryer Autodsamdri – 815

Rates (*)

Sesión 1 hora microscopia SEM/EDX : 1,7 UF + IVA.

Metalizado de muestras (hasta 6 muestras) : 1 UF + IVA

Secado de punto crítico (máximo 4 muestras): 1,4 UF + IVA

(* Relatively small values)

For bookings of analysis service:

Professional Operator: T.M. Rocío Orellana F.


Phone: 29781760

Academic Responsible: Dr. Cristian Covarrubias G.