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10th International Conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials

C. Covarrubias, R. Quijada. “Preparation of polyethylene/ALPO nanocomposite membranes and their gas permeation properties”, 10th International Conference on Frontiers of Polymers and Advanced Materials, Santiago, Chile. Octubre, 2009.

I Congreso Nacional de Nanotecnología

C. Covarrubias, R. Quijada. “Nanozeolites: some recent advances in polymerization catalysis and separation membranes”; I Congreso Nacional de Nanotecnología, Valparaíso, Chile. Mayo, 2009.

Frontiers in Materials Research IV

C. Covarrubias, R. Quijada, R. Rojas. “The use of dealuminated ZSM-2 zeolite nanoparticles as an active metallocene catalyst support for ethylene polymerization”, Frontiers in Materials Research IV, Viña del Mar, Chile, Mayo 2008.

15th International Zeolite Conference

C. Covarrubias, R. Quijada, R. Rojas. “Ethylene polymerization using nanosized ZSM-2 zeolite particles as support for metallocene catalyst”; 15th International Zeolite Conference (International Zeolite Association, IZA), Beijing, China. Agosto, 2007.


Removal of Trivalent Chromium Contaminant from Aqueous Media Using FAU-type Zeolite Membranes

Removal of Trivalent Chromium Contaminant from Aqueous Media Using FAU-type Zeolite Membranes. C. Covarrubias, M. Tsapatsis, R. Arriagada, R. García, J., Yáñez, H. Ramanan, Z. Lai, Journal of Membrane Science, 312, 163-173, 2008. (IF: 4.093, Cited: 18)Preparation of CPB-Modified FAU Zeolite for Removal of Tannery Wastewater Contaminants. C. Covarrubias, R. García, R. Arriagada, J. Yáñez, Journal of Porous Materials, 15, 491-498, 008. (IF: 1.348, Cited: 3)

Environmental Engineering Science

Natural Mordenite Derived Zeolites: Synthesis, forming process and their evaluation in Cr(III) removal from tannery wastewater. C. Covarrubias, R. García, R. Arriagada, M.T. Garland, J. Yáñez, Environmental Engineering Science, 24, 1444-1455, 2007.(IF: 1.154, Cited: 1).

Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

Cr(III) Exchange on Zeolites Obtained from Kaolin and Natural Mordenite, C. Covarrubias, R. García, R., Arriagada, J. Yáñez, M.T. Garland, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 88, 220-231, 2006. (IF: 3.365, Cited: 24).

Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology

Removal of Chromium (III) from Tannery Effluents, Using a System of Packed Columns of Zeolite and Activated Carbon. C. Covarrubias, R. Arriagada, J. Yáñez, R. García, M.A.S.D. Barros, E.F. Sousa-Aguiar, Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 80, 899- 908, 2005. (IF: 2.504, Cited: 14).

Publicaciones recientes

Osseointegration properties of titanium dental implants modified with a nanostructured coating based on ordered porous silica and bioactive glass nanoparticles, C. Covarrubias, M. Mattmann, A. Von Marttens, P. Caviedes, C. Arriagada, F. Valenzuela, J.P. Rodríguez, C. Corral, Applied Surface Science, 363, 286–295, 2016.

Preparation and bioactive properties of nano bioactive glass and segmented polyurethane composites, F.J. Aguilar-Pérez, R.F. Vargas-Coronado, J.M. Cervantes-Uc, J.V. Cauich-Rodríguez, C. Covarrubias, M. Pedram-Yazdani, Journal of Biomaterials Applications, 39: 1362–1372, 2016.


Alendronate functionalized mesoporous bioactive glass nanospheres, Materials, E. Boanini, S. Panseri, F. Arroyo, M. Montesi, K. Rubini, A. Tampieri, C. Covarrubias, A. Bigi, , 9(3), 135, 2016.


The effect of the nanoscale structure of nanobioceramics on their in vitro bioactivity and cell differentiation properties, C. Covarrubias, F. Arroyo, C. Balanda, M. Neira, A Von Marttens, P. Caviedes, C. Urra, Journal of Nanomaterials, 2015. vol. 2015, Article ID 526230.

Synthesis of new antibacterial composite coating for titanium based on highly ordered nanoporous silica and silver nanoparticles. M.A. Massa, C. Covarrubias, M. Bittner, I.A. Fuentevilla, P. Capetillo, A. Von Marttens, J.C. Carvajal. Materials Science and Engineering C: Materials for Biological Applications, 45 146–153, 2014.

Synthesis of nanostructured porous silica coatings on titanium and their cell-adhesive and osteogenic differentiation properties. D. Inzunza, C. Covarrubias, A. Von Marttens, Y. Leighton, J.C. Carvajal, F. Valenzuela, M. Díaz-Dosque, N. Méndez, C. Martínez, A.M. Pino, J.P. Rodríguez, P. Smith, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 102A:37-48, 2014.


Preparation and bioactive properties of novel bone-repair bionanocomposites based on hydroxyapatite and bioactive glass nanoparticles. C. Covarrubias, F. Valenzuela, M. Diaz-Dosque, P. Smith, C. Martinez, M. Yazdani-Pedram, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part B – Applied Biomaterials, 100:1672–1682. 2012.


Enhancing oxidation activity and stability of iso-1-cytochrome c and chloroperoxidase by immobilization in nanostructured supports, S. Águila, R. Vazquez-Duhalt., C. Covarrubias, Gina Pecchi, Joel B. Alderete, Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic, 70, 81–87, 2011. 

Otras publicaciones

Catalytic degradation of polyethylene using nanosized ZSM-2 zeolite, C. Covarrubias, F. Gracia, H. Palza, Applied Catalysis A: General, 384, 186-191, 2010. (IF: 3.410, Cited: 5)


Preparation of aluminophosphate/polyethylene nanocomposite membranes and their gas permeation properties, C. Covarrubias, R. Quijada, Journal of Membrane Science, 358, 33–42, 2010. (IF: 4.093, Cited: 7)


Catalytic performance of silica-aluminas synthesised with the help of chitosan biopolymer, M. Falco, J. Retuert, A. Hidrobo, C. Covarrubias, P. Araya, U. Sedran, Applied Catalysis A: General, 366, 269-274, 2009. (IF: 3.410, Cited: 9)


Catalytic activity during the preparation of PE/Clay nanocomposites by in situ polymerization with metallocene catalysts, P. Zapata, R. Quijada, C. Covarrubias, E. Moncada, J. Retuert, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 113, 2368–2377, 2009. (IF: 1.395, Cited: 18)


High catalytic activity of SBA-15–supported metallocene toward ethylene polymerization: The effect of the ordered porous structure of the support. C. Covarrubias, R. Quijada, Catalysis Communications, 10, 995–1001, 2009. (IF: 3.000, Cited: 12)


Synthesis of nanosized ZSM-2 zeolite with potential acid catalytic properties, C. Covarrubias, R. Quijada, R. Rojas, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 117, 118-125 2009.(IF:3.365, Cited: 7).


Ethylene polymerization using dealuminated ZSM-2 zeolite nanocrystals as an active metallocene catalyst support. C. Covarrubias, R. Quijada, R. Rojas, Applied Catalysis A: General, 347, 223-233, 2008. (IF: 3.564, Cited: 14).